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Links with end-users

PROMISE aims to develop links to end-users of monsoon research through:

  • A major international meeting to be held at ICTP between 24th-28th March 2003
  • Visits to CGIAR centres to be undertaken by Andrew Challinor (University of Reading)
  • Development of a publicly available data archive which will included both observed and simulated meteorology, hydrology and agricultural datasets
  • ICTP workshop in 2001, which was attended by over 100 participants from developing countries.
  • Preparation of publicity material including two brochures
  • Maintenance of a mailing list for scientists and end-users interested in PROMISE research. Click here to join the mailing list.
  • Visiting major development organisations such as the FAO. Follow this link to an account of Franco Molteni's and my visit to the FAO Rome office on 14th May 2002.

See also the original proposal for WP5000 - links with end-users




































































































































































































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