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Posters and Powerpoint presentations

ICTP 2002: El Nino Indian Ocean dynamics and extremely rainy years in East Africa presented by Emily Black. Download in powerpoint format

Powerpoint presentations given at the second annual PROMISE meeting

EGS 2002: Vegetation Phenology and the hydrological cycle of monsoons presented by David Lawrence. Download in pdf or powerpoint format

Presentation to the FAO Interdepartmental committee for climate change

Plans for an international meeting entitled Monsoon environments: Agricultural and hydrological impacts of seasonal variability and climate change presented by Emily Black download as powerpoint presentation

Summary PROMISE presentation for use by the partners

Download in powerpoint or pdf

Wengen 2001 conference on Environmental change - implications for population migrations

Implications of trends in the Asian monsoon for population migration David Stephenson, Emily Black, Julia Slingo, R. Kumar Kolli - down load as powerpoint presentation or pdf

Trieste 2001 Meeting

Interannual variability of the Asian summer monsoon in a development version of the Hadley Centre climate model powerpoint presentation (66Kb)

Simulated changes in the Indian summer monsoon under enhanced greenhouse gas conditions in a global time-slice experiment (extended abstract in pdf format)

Using a water balance model (DHC) for pearl millet yield forecasting in the Sahelian regions of West Africa powerpoint presentation (1.4Mb)

UGAMP 2000 Conference

Development of combined seasonal weather and crop productivity forecasting systems. Andrew Challinor, David Grimes, Julia Slingo, Chris Thorncroft, Peter Craufurd, Tim Wheeler (Poster)

Predictability and variability of monsoons, and the agricultural and hydrological impacts of climate change (PROMISE): A new European programme in monsoon research and its applications J. Slingo and E. Black (Poster)


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