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Land surface processes

D. Lawrence and J. Slingo Centre for Global Atmospheric Modelling (CGAM), University of Reading, Reading, U.K.
The impact of a realistic vegetation annual cycle on climate and hydrology

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C. Taylor Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford, U.K.
Land surface feedbacks on rainfall in semi-arid Africa

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J.-F. Royer and K Maynard Meteo-France Centre National de Recherches Meteorologiques (CNRM), Toulouse, France
Impact of anthropogenic vegetation changes on the African climate in a B2 scenario for 2050

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T. Osborne, D. Lawrence, J. Slingo and C. Taylor Centre for Global Atmospheric Modelling (CGAM), University of Reading, Reading, U.K.
A modelling study of the climatic importance of vegetation in the tropics: Sensitivity to the specification of soil characteristics
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C. Brankovic and F. Molteni Meteorological and Hydrological Service, Zagreb, Croatia
Sensitivity experiments with locally modified land surface
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S. Corti, F. Molteni and C. Brankovic Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC-CNR), Bologna, Italy
Global wind patterns and associated snow anomalies over Eurasia: preditability and influence on large scale monsoon circulattion (I) Observed dataset
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J.P. Bricquet, A. Boonsaner, V. Chaplot, T. Phommassack and C. Valentin IWMI-SEA, Kasetsart University, Bangkok,
Thailand Soil erosion under land use change from two catchments in Laos, and Thailand
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R. C. Raghava and S. K. Srivastava Indian Institute of Technology, Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, New Delhi,
India Potential Bio-physical feedback vis-à-vis El Nino with regard to Indian summer monsoon: A GCM perspective
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