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N. Chappell and W. Tych, Department of Environmental Science, University of Lancaster, Lancaster, U.K.
Identification of land-use change impacts on tropical hydrological processes

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K. Laval, J. Polcher, I. Musat, P. de Rosnay and T. Ngo-duc, CNRS - Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique (LMD), Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France
Hydrological Balance and its variation over Moonsoon areas

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J. Meigh and C. Sullivan, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources – Problems and Prospects for a More Realistic Assessment

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S. Folwell, J. Meigh and C. Fung, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), Wallingford, U.K.
Water resources impact of climate and land-use change in West Africa
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P. de Rosnay, J. Polcher and K. Laval, Centre d'Etudes Spatiales de la Biosphere (CESBIO/CNRS), Toulouse, France
Impact of irrigation over India on the land-surface fluxes
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R.A. Ojala, Kenya Meteorological Department, Nairobi, Kenya
Review and update of the water balance models for Lake Victoria
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F.T. Mugabe and A. Senzanje, Midlands State University, Gweru, Zimbabwe
Effect of rainfall variability on surface water resources: A case study from semi-arid Zimbabwe
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A. Hamid and N. Khan, International Water Management Institute (IMWI), Lahore, Pakistan
Impact of Climate Change on Hydrology, Agriculture and Natural Vegetation: A case study in an irrigation sub-division Buchiana, Punjab Pakistan
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