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To develop a database of observed and simulated data on meteorology, hydrology and agriculture for monsoon climates with the aim of improving the collaboration and exchange of results between research institutions in European and extra-European countries, and between scientists with expertise on climatology, hydrology and agricultural resources

Work description:

UREADMY with ICTP: UREADMY will subcontract CINECA to provide a web-accessible database, with a public domain component and a (more substantial) protected-access component open to the European and extra-European PROMISE partners. Suitable web interfaces will be created for the selection and downloading of the shared datasets. It will also allow access to sites of individual partners, where further datasets may be available on request. Data will also be distributed on CD-ROMs and DAT tapes for access by PCs and Unix platforms. Data formats will be compatible with public domain visualization packages. ICTP will assist with the local management of the data archive.

MF: All relevant datasets will be made available.

MPG.IMET: All relevant data, available at the institute, will be offered for general use and transferred to a central site.

The Met. Office: Data from the simulations of climate for 2041-2060 using the global coupled ocean atmosphere GCM, of horizontal resolution ~300km, and a nested regional atmospheric climate model of resolution 50km will be made available for use by partners investigating impacts of climate change. Daily time series of surface air temperature, precipitation and other key variables will be created from the 20-year simulations of the perturbed (i.e. 2041-2060) and control climates for use in driving crop models, analyses of extreme events and other impacts applications. The data will be accompanied by the provision of relevant scientific advice on the interpretation, analysis and statistical significance of the model results.

The Met. Office: Extraction, preparation and transmission of data for specified tropical land areas from seasonal predictions made with a coupled atmosphere ocean GCM for the DEMETER project will be carried out. Advice on analysis of data will be given.

UREADAG: Contribution of data on agricultural resources, e.g. crop yields.

ECMWF: Data from the DEMETER seasonal prediction ensembles will be made available.


D4001: Web-accessible database, with a public domain component and a protected-access component open to the European and extra-European partners.

D4002: Provision of data for selected surface climate variables from (a) global and regional simulations of the present day and 2041-2060 climate, and (b) seasonal prediction ensembles, for use in impact studies.

D4003: Caching of relevant observational datasets for impact studies, e.g. records of crop yields, river flows.


Year 1: Definition of archive structure, implementation of the web interface, archiving of selected data from reanalyses and Framework IV projects.

Year 2: Update of the archive with selected results of PROMISE integrations, observational datasets. Provision of data from the DEMETER seasonal prediction ensembles for 1987-1999 and from global a


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