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Impact of land use changes on future monsoon climates - WP2100

Partners involved: LMD (lead contractor), MF, ICTP and CEH

The aims of this work package are to use global and/or regional control and scenario integrations to address the impact of land-use changes (e.g. deforestation) on monsoon climates. The sensitivity of the results to the representation of hydrological and land-surface processes will be investigated.

Principle achievements so far:

  • A sophisticated soil scheme has been developed to improve the simulated seasonal cycle and to enable the impact of irrigation on the Indian climate to be assessed. Irrigation will alter the water balance in the soil and thus affect the surface temperature and climate; it will also alter the levels of river run-off into the ocean and hence the freshwater budget.

  • Detailed satellite mapping of land surface properties has been used to develop new scenarios of global land use for the current climate, which can be implemented in land surface models to investigate the interaction between climate and vegetation.

  • A method of converting land use classes (fuel-wood areas, cropland areas, fallow and grazing land) into functional types - rladleaf trees, shrubs, C4 grasses and crops and bare soil has been developed.

  • Collation of data relating to land use and deforestation of West Africa has been completed. These data are being used to complete estimates of past and present land cover in West Africa which will be used as the basis of alternative land use scenarios

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