European Climate
in the Next Decade

Science Programme
Predicate Highlights presentation (pdf)
Final Predicate Science Report (pdf)
Business Workshop
Workshop Presentations

Predicate Highlights (pdf)

Science Papers  

Report on the Business Workshop (pdf)

Report on the Business Workshop (ps)

1. UGAMP  The United Kingdom Universities Global Atmospheric Modelling Programme, Reading, UK (coordinating partner).
2. The Met. Office  The Met. Office, Bracknell, UK.
3. MPI  Max Planck Institut f?r Meteorologie, Hamburg, Germany.
4. LODYC  Laboratoire d'Oc,anographie Dynamique et de Climatologie, Paris, France.
5. NRSC  Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Research Centre, Bergen, Norway.
6. ING  Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica, Bologna, Italy.
7. DMI  Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark.
8. CERFACS  The European Centre for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computation, Toulouse, France.

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